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We deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions for the financing, development, construction and operation of college and university infrastructure.

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BB Campus Solutions celebrates opening of TWU Student Housing community


Aspire apartments incorporate 21st century digital lifestyle on Purdue campus

Aspire at Discovery Park development integrates IOTAS Smart Home Technology in buildings, allowing students to control access, apartment locks, lights, thermostat and outlets using a smartphone.

Our People

  • Robert Shepko

    Division President

    "Listening is key. It’s taking time to understand each stakeholder’s need and balancing that within the culture, mission and goals of the project and campus."

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    Bob Shepko

    Josh Smith

    Senior Vice President

    "I believe transparency is key to any successful long-term partnership. It builds trust, spurs communication and collaboration, and ultimately results in a higher quality product."

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    Employee Home Smith Josh
  • Dan Savoia, LEED AP

    SVP, Development

    "Our clients have entrusted us with something very important… their future. I take that responsibility to heart and strive to ensure we exceed their expectations at every opportunity."

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    Employee Home Savoia Dan

    Amy Aponte

    Vice President

    "We believe an institution’s strategic plan and the success of its students are two of the most important components of our partnership."

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    Employee_Home_Aponte,Amy-new headshot
  • Brad Murphy

    Assistant Vice President

    "Our clients interests are represented in everything we do. When they succeed, we succeed -- that's what partnership is all about."

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    Justin Wright

    Assistant Vice President

    “Not one college or university is the same - and that’s part of the fun. Leveraging experience from multiple P3 sectors, we are able to uncover a wider spectrum of creative solutions for colleges and universities to consider.”

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    Employee Home Wright Justin
  • Sam Jung

    Vice President

    “Our clients dedicate a significant amount of time, resources and energy in selecting the right long-term partner and in return, we take our role as collaborative partner seriously. With continuous feedback, we strive to craft the right solution that enhances the mission and brand of our institutional partners.”

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    Employee Home Jung Sam

    Dorne Dalrymple

    Project Executive

    “As a college student myself years ago, I understand the need for high quality and affordable campus housing. My experience showed me that campus housing communities are crucial to nurture the educational, social and recreational needs of students.”

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    Employee Home Dalrymple Dorne
  • David Vogt

    Project Executive

    “The key to a successful partnership is to actively listen and seek out others’ ideas, opinions and expertise to solve problems and make the best decisions.”

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    Employee Home Vogt Dave

    Jeff Schattinger

    Project Executive

    "A successful real estate development project starts with clearly understanding the goal of the project and all its complex components, assembling the appropriate team members and work together as a team to solve the daily project issues in a timely manner."

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  • Jen Canchola

    Project Executive

    "It should speak volumes when your trusted partners are more excited about coming to work on Monday than leaving on Friday. Leading our clients to their desired result is what I’m passionate about and I love that I get the opportunity to be doing that each and every day."

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    Employee_Home_Canchola, Jen

    Jeffrey Tate

    Director of Project Integration

    "Thinking about the entire financial ecosystem of a project, not just the first cost, is going to be a game changer for Higher Education."

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